Noel Edmonds: Mr Saturday Night
ITN Productions / Channel 5
Producer / Director / Camera

In the mid-90s, Noel Edmonds was the undisputed king of Saturday Night television, performing to 15 million British viewers every week. A few years later, he was off the air, bankrupt and suicidal. Mocked by contemporaries, scorned by critics, and defrauded by corrupt staff at HBOS. Then he launched the most successful TV comeback of all time.

This is the extraordinary rise, fall and return of Britain’s most unpredictable, ambitious and mystical television personality.

From playing dark practical jokes on his colleagues on Radio Luxembourg, to stealing Tony Blackburn’s Radio One show in the 70s, to innovating childrens’ TV with Swap Shop, and televising dangerous stunts in the 80s, by the time Edmonds reaches his peak with Noel’s House Party and Mr Blobby in the 90s, he’s the nation’s favourite prankster.

His fall from grace begins with his eccentric personal ventures - from his failed Blobbyland theme parks, to his attempt to buy the BBC - and ends with him entering I’m A Celebrity…only to be voted out in the first week.

For all his calculated silliness, Edmonds’ story is a surprisingly serious one. Beyond the mystery boxes, the patterned jumpers and the fluorescent gunge, there is the powerful untold story - the accidental death on set that forced him to resign from an early show.

This feature-length biopic is packed with golden TV moments, drama reconstructions and an A-list cast of Edmonds’ contemporaries - such as Tony Blackburn, Kid Jensen, Nick Ferrari, creator of Noel’s House Party & Mr Blobby, Michael Leggo and journalist / filmmaker Jon Ronson who infiltrated Deal or No Deal in the early noughties - to name a few.

This film covers it all in an epic saga of light entertainment and heavy drama with a powerful portrait of an extraordinary character who innovated television: the king of Saturday night.